Jhansi Rani Indian Cotton Mattress Queen – 72 inch x 60 inch x 4 inch – Premium Indian Mattress

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The Jhansi Rani Indian Cotton Queen sized mattress is the perfect mattress for a couple or a small family. Made from pure Indian cotton, this is the perfect mattress for those longing for Indian style mattresses from wherever you are in the world.

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Size Large – Perfect for couples and small families
The Brown Firangi
Construction Type/Material Pure Cotton
Item Firmness Description Firm
Item Thickness 5 inches
Item Weight 15kg
Product Dimensions
72 inches x 60 inches x 5 inches
Comfort Layer Cotton
Warranty 6-months


Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 183 × 153 × 13 cm

20 reviews for Jhansi Rani Indian Cotton Mattress Queen – 72 inch x 60 inch x 4 inch – Premium Indian Mattress

  1. Lisa Szoko

    Best choice ever made as far as mattresses are concerned.

  2. Maura Ruggeri

    I bought this mattress and I have used memory mattresses for a while now and foam mattresses for a lot of years, and this is by far the best amongst many choices out there.

  3. Amritpal Bajwa

    Best Purchase… It was risk and gambling.. ordering mattresses online.. and that too from a new Company.. but totally worth It. I loved it.. it is super comfy..plush and soft.

  4. inder sagar

    A mattress with No memory foam, no spring & no latex. It’s nice & comfy.

  5. Arshad Siddique

    I’ve been using this mattress for a month and found it to be extremely comfortable and relaxing and the amount of support it gives to the body has set a benchmark for the other brands too.

  6. Shalini dubey

    Excellent quality – The smart ortho mattress is of the highest calibre. The ideal purchase for getting better sleep for longer periods of time and treating back issues. It provides my back with a solid support, especially at the pressure spots, and allows me to sleep soundly. Buy now!

  7. Sourav Ghosh

    After using the mattress for two weeks, a review. The mattress is incredibly plush and cosy. Additionally, their cooling system is effective. No heat builds up in the mattress at all.

  8. Varsha shrivastav

    Perfect option for restful sleep—I’m quite particular about getting a decent night’s sleep. I bought the luxurious mattress because my old one had lost its comfort after just one year. My pals had told me a lot about it. I got a pretty nice night’s sleep on it, thus I am really delighted and content with my purchase.

  9. Suman aggarwal

    Outstanding Product. Purchase without hesitation. Excellent package, amazing delivery, and wonderful packaging

  10. Sampriti biswas

    Excellent comfort. Firm. for the back. I like having a choice of soft or hard sides. Amazing packing was used. Vacuum sealed. fantastic stuff always choose this brand.

  11. Shri Nayak

    It’s a great value for money, and the mattress is comfortable and supportive,

  12. Ravi Kamble

    It’s a good mattress with a great price.

  13. Shivi Das

    A perfect and very comfortable mattress that is neither too soft nor too firm.

  14. Richa Sharma

    I am very pleased with the product as it meets all my requirements.

  15. Kusha Shah

    Don’t miss out on this mattress. You won’t be disappointed. Great product!

  16. Rotu Reva

    Despite being firm, the mattress is very comfortable. You don’t sink into the mattress and that is good. A must-buy!

  17. Sanya Reddy

    The product is amazing and the price is great. Go for it.

  18. Aarti Dave

    Comfort-wise, this product is great. It is definitely better than conventional foam mattresses.

  19. Reshma Raneja

    The mattress provides good support while we sleep. This is a great product at a good price.

  20. Jayesh Saha

    This product has been quite satisfactory to me. The mattress is very comfortable. After a long day, you get a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed.

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