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Thanks for landing in our world! You may be asking what exactly is The Brown Firangi (TBF) and what do we actually do? Well, let us spill the chai!

As fellow desis living abroad, we would struggle to find the items that we loved from our visits to India. This ranged from spices, decor, jewelry, cookbooks, restaurants, clothing…. Well you get it- it’s a long list in almost every category!

So our solution? We decided to create a simple yet resourceful website that can help you discover all those fabulous things you crave from overseas.

We’re a brand that exists to help others find what they are looking for and for that reason we’re always eager to hear from our incredible community about what information we can find for them and help source for them.

Drop us a line at aakash@thebrownfirangi.com if there’s something you’ve been hunting down without any luck.

Now, that’s a lot of explaining why we exist, meet the team behind our awesome brand 🙂

Meet our team

What’s my name : Aakash Gupta

Location: Sydney, Australia

Who I am at TBF: Founder

What Indian item am I always looking for: Indian spices! There’s no other place that does spice quite like India so I’m always on the lookout for those hard-to-get delicious spicy sauces and powders

What I enjoy researching on TBF: Food, Decor, Clothing

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