Indian Cotton Mattress- 72 inches x 36 inches x 4 inches – Medium Soft Cotton Mattress

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Our Indian Cotton Single Gaddi is made from premium cotton in India. If you are missing a quality Indian mattress if you are based outside of India, then this is the mattress for you.

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Our Indian Cotton Single Gaddi is made from premium cotton in India. If you are missing a quality Indian mattress if you are based outside of India, then this is the mattress for you. Dimensions below:-
Size Good for single person use
The Brown Firangi
Construction Type/Material Indian Cotton
Item Firmness Description Firm
Item Thickness 5 inches
Item Weight 14kg
Product Dimensions
72 inches x 60 inches x 5 inches
Comfort Layer Cotton
Warranty 6-month Warranty

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Additional information

Weight 14.8 kg
Dimensions 183 × 92 × 13 cm

21 reviews for Indian Cotton Mattress- 72 inches x 36 inches x 4 inches – Medium Soft Cotton Mattress

  1. Parmjit Kaur

    This sleeping cushion is without a doubt awesome and I capitulate to the call of rest easily inside the space of seconds consistently I fall onto my bed.

  2. Vinod Bongurala

    Comfort certainly plays an important role in getting good sleep and this mattress provides the perfect amount of firmness and comfort.

  3. Dithi Shetty

    To this date, this sleeping cushion for sure conveys what it guarantees and has shown to be sturdy.

  4. Bharat Patel

    If you have been suffering from back pain, I would highly recommend going with this mattress.


    Solace unquestionably assumes a significant part in getting great rest and this bedding gives the ideal measure of immovability and solace.

  6. Subham

    I really enjoy this mattress since it promotes deep sleep that I can remember both before and after I wake up.
    Strongly advised for everyone

  7. Nupur

    A huge improvement over the previous (coir) mattress we were using. Almost all of the statements it makes are true. We purchased the firm one in order to alleviate our back problems, and it has unquestionably been beneficial. A cosy and peaceful night’s sleep thus far. There are no signs of sagging, but it hasn’t been long, so don’t assume it’s clear just yet. However, I am content with all I have encountered thus far.

  8. Anish Chatterjee

    Fantastic mattress No back pain, excellent comfort, no tremors in the movement, and well-built. excellent customer service staff. I’ll be pleased to fix any problems.

  9. Pratik Chauhan

    Awesome mattress – The finest mattress for pain treatment that has given me the benefit of comfort sleep is the Smart Ortho mattress. My old mattress was giving me back discomfort, so I bought the smart ortho mattress. Even during long, sluggish naps, it provides a strong back support because to its clever grid technology and incredibly soft texture.

  10. Anup Shaw

    We have tested a variety of mattresses, starting with the sleepwell luxury lines, but we have never been satisfied with their performance or value for money. However, we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of this mattress. It is extremely high end quality, has the perfect amount of bounce, hugs the body contour, and provides a very blissful night’s sleep. It has only been a month since we started using the mattress, and we have yet to find any problems with it.

  11. Shankar Maladi

    Due to its softness, this item is quite pleasant and quickly puts you to sleep. The absolute greatest product for those who have sleep issues. I am a living example.

  12. Mahesh

    It is quite cosy and suitable for the body. When you sleep, it assumes the shape of the body. not overly firm or soft. The design is flawless.

  13. Namrata kaur

    I adored it! I bought this specifically because I have cervical and lumbar spondylosis, and it worked for me. After waking up from sleep in the morning, I no longer have the ache in my neck and back that I used to.

  14. Rakesh Bhansal

    Awesome quality product as described and cheap.

  15. Rai Banerjee

    After two weeks, I’m quite happy with the results. I’ve been searching for a firm yet comfortable mattress and have been disappointed with various manufacturers. Nobody seems to grasp it. I visited the showrooms to look for a mattress that would fit, but the only ones that were firm enough without being harsh were the expensive models.

  16. Amrita Bhanusali

    Fantastic Matress as per the rate.
    Same as in the description.
    I bought it after seeing the positive reviews and it didn’t disappoint at all.

  17. Kailash biswas

    I really enjoy this product, and the mattress is quite comfortable. notably for the younger and middle-aged age groups, good back

  18. Praveen naik

    This is an excellent product. I’ve been using it for the past 12 months. So far, I don’t see any problems. It’s wonderful, smooth, and comfortable. This is the ideal mattress for you if you’re seeking for one.

  19. Soumya Das

    The best when compared to pricing range. Ideal for people who previously slept on the floor or on an old coir mattress. One hand can raise very light weights.

  20. Harpreet Singh

    The packing of this product was awesome.

    Mattresses are both robust and lightweight.

    Worth purchasing

  21. Lokesh Advani

    Throughout the night, it offers the ideal level of support and comfort. It’s soft and pleasant without making me want to sink in.

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